Sunday, June 15, 2014

My Photos from the 2014 Spring Fling Scavenger Hunt

I jumped the gun and posted these too early - thank to a fellow hunter for giving me a clue. 

I had such a great time with this project. 499 "real" photographers with "real" cameras and
"real" tripods and stuff and I took some pictures.
Here's mine.




Square - SOOC


I'll edit this and add links to the winners and maybe some of my favorites in a few days.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Take My Guns ?

Lots of people believe that we should not be able to keep guns for self protection.
Lots of other people insist that we must.
It's a worthwhile discussion.

If you want to take my guns I can understand why. I'm willing to listen. I'll actually listen. Will you listen to what I have to say ? Really listen ?

When I was a baby, about a year and a half old, there was a Peeping Tom in our neighborhood. There were rumors and reports made about child molestation too. The police couldn't connect him with the molestations but the parents were pretty sure. He'd been reported to the police many times and questioned and released. The police told everybody to just close their blinds. He's creepy but probably harmless they said. They never did arrest him.

So everybody made sure their curtains were closed and kept a close watch on their kids. They hoped for the best and tried to be prepared for the worst as best they could. My mom pulled the shades down and pinned the curtains closed. She worried a lot too, and some other things. She kept a baseball bat by the front door and a rolling pin on the table in the kitchen, and some other things.

Then one night she heard me crying. She didn't like the sound of it and grabbed a bottle and a 25 cal. Derringer and came into my room. The "peeper" had pushed the curtains and shades aside, leaned into my room and just was kind leaning on my crib. She was scared and mad and a very good shot.

We'll never know what he would have done with me. She shot him and killed him and never regretted it. The police took a report and the coroner took his body away and I'm here to to tell you this story. And I'll tell you what.

If you want to take my guns, we can talk about it. You might even convince me with your statistics and logic and stuff. I'm a reasonable man and I'll concede that what we're doing now just isn't working. We need to do something better. Yes, you might just take my guns, maybe. But you aren't taking my wife's gun. We aren't even going to discuss it.