Monday, September 29, 2014

Summer Photo Hunt


First a bit of background. 
I have been bitten by the "shutter bug". Taking pictures is the easy part. Finding an audience is a bit harder. Sure there are some folks who "like" some of your pictures and even a few here and there who actually like you. Finding people (who aren't in the pictures) that want to see your stuff, though ? That's priceless.

So I hunt. 

About 500 of my besties get together and compete for bragging rights while chasing down light and trying to put on a magic show and improve their skills. Is it truly a "scavenger hunt" ? Well, yes and no. It's that and more. Some of these guys stage incredible scenes with props and gizmos and gadgets and stuff that just blow your mind. Others, like me for the most part, like to hunt for what's out there, rather than make it up. 

We are all trying to do the same thing though. We want to show you what we see. Not just what is there but what we see when we look at it. Sometimes we do and most times we don't but that's the idea. If you see something different, that's part of the plan too. As long as you get to see something different, we've done something. 

So- Now For Something Completely Different : My Album

Please feel invited to comment. Good. bad or whatever comes to mind. Questions, suggestions and impressions would be very nice, Thank You in advance.
Ice Cream Cone

Your City

Perfect Summer Day

Red Fruit

Worst Habit

The Letter "B"

Childhood Memory


So There's my ten pictures. The Captions are the words I was hunting and I hope you enjoy them. Even more so though, I hope they get to to see something about this summer. I hope they get you to comment too. What do you see ? How would you have done it different ?