Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Theo's Thunk - the evolution of a blog

A brief history of change.

I began Theo's Thoughts a few years ago as a place to go and vent my frustrations. I was breaking up with the love of my life and I needed to cry and complain and post sappy songs about breaking up. It was not pretty, but it helped a little. I survived, she did too and it was time to move on. I thought I'd erased all of that but then today...

I began to use this place to post links in the early days of Google+. It was fun and who knows, maybe a few people saw something helpful here and there. I loved the Plus Side then and sort of miss the early days. Times change though and there are lots of places and better places to get and share tips and tricks and so Theo's Thoughts went dormant for a long time. 

I decided recently to begin posting some of my actual thoughts. This seems like a handy place to do it so, here we go. I decided to link my G+ and Blogger accts. I'm not sure how that works but it seems like a great idea and when I did, this screen came up. I realized that even though I thought I'd erased all of the ghosts that were haunting Theo's  thoughts, there was one reminder. One vestige of the reason I started this thing. 

As of today - the exorcism should be complete. The new Theo is a happily married man who has left the land of his birth and moved on to better things. The new Theo's Thoughts blog is going to be one of those better things.