Friday, August 22, 2014

                             Waterloo Falls

 My Obsession With Falling Water
I grew up in SoFla where everything is pretty much flat. There are still a few scenic rivers and of course there is always the beach but really, there is just nothing like a good waterfall.
Luckily, I now live in a place where there are plenty of them. Some of them are small, like City Lake Falls and some are really big like Burgess Falls but there are probably a dozen (or more) within a half hour drive from my house.

Here's the story of how I found this one:

I found a great website called Waterfall Picture Guide with reviews and of course pictures and videos of waterfalls in several states. They even have an app for that called Waterfall Finder that allows you to search by "nearest". (Android only - sorry) Which is how I found my way to Waterloo Falls. Most of the locals don't even know about this one !
The Map
The App

I really loved this particular waterfall because it was close to home. About 20 minutes - though you do have to trust the GPS on this one (LOL) and also because you can park right next to the water. It's only a two minute walk to where I took most of these. I do want to go back when the weather is better though and hike the 3-4 minutes down to the base.
Here's all the blog pix if you're in a tl,dr kind of mood.

Almost there 
cool bridge
view from the bridge
Not even quite there yet and it's looking                  cool !
So- I crossed this bridge and the app told me to turn down this dirt road. It looked like somebody's driveway. Then I had to drive right by a couple of houses and down what looked almost like a jeep trail. Then suddenly There's a wide spot or two to pull off the "road" and - well, see for yourself...

A phone shot from the truck

It was simply gorgeous. The Black-Eyed Susans were everywhere and the trail to the falls was short and sweet.

See - so peaceful and pretty

Waterloo Falls - Overton County TN
The rest of the pictures are my artsy attempts but I'll leave a link at the end to the originals

You just have to have one in B&W
Okay - so maybe I got a little carried away with the artsy stuff ?

No cameras actually got wet for this shot.
Here's a link to the originals (and then some)
I hoped you enjoyed this. I had a blast going, shooting and putting it together.