Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Sweet Sixteen Scavenger Hunt

My Hunt Pictures 

Here's my entries from my last scavenger hunt. I will be skipping the next round. Sign-ups are this Friday so be sure to be ready at noon (mountain time) on Nov.13th. Just follow Chrysta Rae and keep an eye on Mr Jingles...

 We were stuck in traffic on the highway for a long time one day. A really long time. I looked out the window and saw this angry face and knew I just had to use it.
I shot it with the fish-eye option on my camera and did have to fiddle around a bit in GIMP to get it to look like this though.





I had big plans for "Brick", I was going to shoot a picture of a police car and another one of a brick going through a car window at the junk yard. I figured I could combine them and have winner.

I never got past the part where I got a brick though. I still have it if anybody wants an old brick. 
I like this one though. It's my new wall paper. I wont be needing to keep "The List" on my computer if I skip this round.

The bunny shot - what to say ? It just grabbed my attention and I had to use it. Those eyes...

Did you ever try to jump start a car and and - well, have this happen ? I have and it sure does make an impression on you. It seems a lot brighter and more violent than this picture seems to indicate.  I was tempted to liven it up a bit with post processing magic. In the end though I decided to leave it just the way the camera caught it. 

BTW - No batteries were injured in making this picture. There are some marks on the cables though. (lol)

The Lost Sea - It's in, or rather under, Sweetwater TN. One hundred and forty three feet under, to be precise. That's a whopping fourteen flights of stairs down. (minus the stairs of course) And remember: What goes down (me) has one heck of a time coming back up.

No. The fish really aren't quite that big either. I "helped" them out with a bit or artistic license. 

Juicy - that one was fun. Does anybody need a twenty pound prop mallet ? Only used once.

Plumber - I knew everybody else (mostly) would shoot pictures of toilet related people and things, I saw more pictures of coin slots, which is a nicer way to say butt cracks than I ever wanted too. 

So my idea is that one tripod is more level than the other. Get it ? 
It's plumb-er...


Urban Legend
 Stripes - Hey, I'm Irish, Do I really need an excuse to go hang out in a bar ?
Q:How many stripes do you see ?

I was shooting for seven, but some of the other hunters pointed out a few more.

Urban Legend - I wasn't the only hunter who used this idea. IMO though, I think I had the cutest snake that ever graced a toilet seat.

Violet - Might have been the hardest shot to get. I couldn't find anything that was just the right shade of violet to suit me. Everything was either too blue or too dark or otherwise just not quite right.

So I went to the big-box home improvement store and had the paint guy make me some. The thing is: they have a no pictures policy.

Paint guy said, "No", the dept.manager did too. The front end manager had a hissy fit. Luckily, the store manager is a photographer. He not only said yes but invited me to go right up close behind the counter. He was going to get some lights even but I think it came out okay.

Apologies for the funky formatting. I thing I need to use a different template or switch to a different platform or something. Every time I think I have it figured out - I don't.