Friday, July 8, 2016

What Lives Matter ?

Who's Lives Matter ?
The BLM has a phrase they use. Black Lives Matter.
Do they ? And to whom and how so ?
I mean the actual declaration itself. Not the wide range of associated meanings and inferences that get bundled up with the phrase in conversation. Do they matter or not ?
Now I hope that the majority of people who read this would say, "Of course they do". I would hope that they think it as well as say it too.
Some might say, "No. But black lives SHOULD matter".  I'm feeling more in line with that version myself. Some folks want to add a "too" on the end. Too many I think add a "but" instead. You can only decide for yourself if they do to you.

Another popular expression these days is, "All Lives Matter"
I don't see much evidence that very many people agree with this though.
I know you want to disagree with me. Hell, I want to disagree with me.

Every time somebody gets killed, I feel bad. I wonder why it happened.
Of course I know why.
Mostly fear or maybe anger or sometimes maybe just a mistake was why.
I know for sure though that for that at least one moment, for at least one person; not all lives mattered.
I know for sure one more thing. Almost all of us could be that person for that one moment.
It might take different things to push us each to that point but at least sometimes we all have added an "except" as in "All Lives Matter" (Except certain ones or a specific one).

I would suggest that it matters little who pulled the trigger or who got killed. It's not important weather you identify with the killer or the victim or even if they were a good buy or a bad guy. What matters most is very simple to understand but something we all need to work on.

Not all lives matter.